The Danish engineer and founder of ICEBREAKER Nordic, Kim Jensen, lived in Texas, finding himself addicted to a daily high consumption of ice cubes, but annoyed about the hassle of the making, and sat forth the goal, that ice cube making should be as easy as pouring water into a bottle, for thereafter to serve the ice cubes directly without touching the ice. Following 10 years of part time development, ICEBREAKER was born. Today the company resides in Denmark, providing the customers with the best of Danish Design and Quality.

Food safe compliant with all mandatory EU & US requirements

We want to secure our users a safe and healthy product for many years! Overall we test against the regulations in 1935/2004/EC, California Proposition 65, FDA 21 CFR 177 & 180. In addition, we have included testing against BPA and Phthalates.

To verify compliance with these requirements, test reports have been made on certified test facilities.

Social responsibility & awareness

We want to take care of those involved in making our innovative products. We carefully select our manufacturing partners, and demand that they comply with the following social awareness standards:

  • BSCI Code of Conduct - human rights managed by the control systems of OECD.
  • SA8000 the world’s leading social certification program that manages elements like Child Labor, Health & Safety, Discrimination etc.

Danish engineering & quality Chinese project management and production

We work out of Denmark and have our production partners in Shenzhen and Guangdong area.

We have worked together for 8 years. Our Danish quality systems are implemented at the factories, and through trust, a great team, and 100% in-line inspection and quality reports supported by sample shipments to Denmark, we stay on top of quality.