How to make infused ice cubes

How to make infused ice cubes

The new way of making and serving ice cubes: A flavorful twist with the POP ice tray for every occasion 

Ice cubes have undergone a transformation with the introduction of the innovative ICEBREAKER® Nordic POP Ice Tray, the perfect solution to all your ice making needs!  

This ice tray will also allow you to add a flavorful twist to your beverages, making every occasion special. In this blog post, we will explore some of the many possibilities there is with the Nordic POP Ice Tray, like infused ice, which brings excitement and creativity to the world of ice cubes. From parties to intimate gatherings, this innovative tray allows you to create eye-catching and delicious frozen treats that will impress your guests. Let's dive into the world of the Nordic POP Ice Tray and discover how it can elevate your drinks to new heights.

What is the Nordic POP Ice Tray?

Its a a revolutionary ice tray that will transform the way you make and serve ice!
This innovative product has been mentioned a lot in the media, because it features a unique patented design that allows you to create and dispense ice without ever touching it. Its easy to clean and goes in the dishwasher, its sturdy construction withstands daily use, and perfect for hosting scenes. It has a large 18-cube capacity, lightweight and portable, so you can take it anyplace with ease.

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Ice hack: How to make infused ice cubes

With the Nordic POP Ice tray, you can explore a wide range of flavor options to elevate your drinks. Here are some ice hack recipes to inspire your ice cube creations:
  • Fruit fusion: Fill the Nordic POP Ice Tray with a mixture of water and your favorite fruit juice, such as cranberry, grapefruit, or orange. These fruity ice cubes will infuse your beverages with refreshing flavors.

  • Coffee infusions: Brew a strong pot of coffee, let it cool and pour it into the Nordic POP Ice Tray. As the coffee ice cubes melt, they will enhance your iced coffee without diluting the flavor.

  • Herbal elixir: Experiment with freezing herbal teas like chamomile, mint, or hibiscus in the POP Ice Tray. These cubes add a subtle and soothing touch to your drinks.

  • A burst of citrus: Squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice and mix it with water in the Nordic POP Ice Tray. The resulting cubes will bring a zesty twist to your cocktails or sparkling water.


Step 1: Choose a flavor from above
Step 2: Pour liquid into the Nordic POP Ice Tray and freeze
Step 3: Serve


Elevate your drinks

The Nordic POP Ice Tray is a game-changer. Its unique design and versatility even allow you to create flavorful and visually stunning frozen treats that enhance your favorite beverages. From fruity fusions to coffee indulgences, the possibilities are endless with the Nordic POP Ice Tray. Elevate your drinks and make every occasion memorable with the flavorful twist of this innovative product. What are you waiting for? - See the various series and order it straight away here