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The New Way of Making & Serving Ice Cubes


ICEBREAKER® Nordic POP is the new way of making hygienic ice cubes. No more touching the ice cubes with your hands - not even when serving. Our patented ice tray furthermore ensure you avoid spills.

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You have seen us before


You may have seen us before. ICEBREAKER® Nordic POP has been widely recognized as a pioneer within ice making. As Architectural Digest put it: "So genius, you wish you thought of them yourself"

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ICEBREAKER® Nordic POP is more than just an ordinary ice tray. It was designed with the idea of creating odour-free ice made easy.

Make and serve ice without ever touching the ice
Freeze in any orientation
No spills
Take it anywhere
Fill as easy as a bottle


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Karen RindoneUS

"Incredible. This is a game changer. You can take your ice on the go in a cooler, it’s the most sanitary way to handle ice, and it’s so easy to store in your freezer because you can place it in however you’d like! I keep mine on the door of my freezer so I have it standing upright and I use it daily."

Robyne FewUS

"The ice tray i never knew i needed. I bought this one originally to test it out, and I was pleasantly surprised how amazing it was! It makes perfect ice cubes and it’s extremely easy to use!" 

D. SolUS

"I needed a self-contained ice tray for work, and this has been perfect. I got the clear blue one, so it's easy to see the fill line and get the right amount of water. At any angle in the freezer it makes great ice."

Rebecca JanssenUS

"Easy, convient.. In love. It’s hard to break the ice but that’s because it’s ice. Super convenient. If I remember to fill it, I have ice that doesn’t smell of the freezer! 2 fills almost all my bottles perfectly."

Jonathan Edward TuckerUS

"Great ice! I really like the compact shape of the ice cubes that this product makes. I also really enjoy the sound and feel of breaking it open to release the cubes, it is very satisfying. Also, it is very clean"

Scott DammittUS

"Super 'cool' product. Say goodbye to traditional ice cube trays, these bad boys are ready to travel, but they work great at home too."


"Our ice maker broke and we don't have room in the freezer for traditional ice trays. This is perfect! Since it seals shut you can put it anywhere in the freezer and it works. We also use this in our camper. Perfection!"

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Why Are We Better?

The New Way of Making and Serving ice cubes

Just fill the closed container with water, as you fill a bottle. Freeze, push & POP. No more touching the ice with your hands with this ice tray - not even when serving. And it gets even better: It does not absorb bad odor from the freezer or fridge.

Freeze in any orientation
No touch serving
Easy cleaning
Take it anywhere

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