The worlds best ICECUBES trays - these trays is all you need. - ICEBREAKER International ApS

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The New Way of making and serving ice cubes

Not just an ordinary ice tray

Serve without touching the ice

No more touching the ice with your hands with this ice tray - not even when serving AND it does not absorb any bad odor from the freezer.

No spills

Simply fill it as you would a bottle and put it in the freezer with no spill.

Freeze in any direction

Can be oriented in any direction as the POP is 100% water-tight. Designed to be space-optimal and optimal for stacking. Great for small freezers

Take it anywhere

Enjoy clean and fresh ice. It's perfect for picnics, outings, and road trips. You can also use it while chilling out on the terrace or in your garden.